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The increased adoption and usage of mobile devices have impacted consumer behavior and preferences in a surprisingly dynamic way. Developing at an astronomical pace, mobile digital media time frequently significantly higher compared to traditional desktop and other media. This trend has contributed to the growing demand for effective brand representation across different mobile devices. The implications are obvious – if you are unable to provide a satisfactory and compelling mobile experience to your target audience, you will lose out on opportunities compared to your competitors who are already established there!

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The approach of responsive website design suggests that development and design of a website should respond to a user’s environment and behavior based on platform, screen size, and orientation. Recommended by Google, responsive websites helps businesses address their customer-base that ever more prefers to engage, explore, and interact on the mobile platform.
Simply put, responsive web design effectively adapts the layout of a website based on the screen size of the device. A series of state-of-the-art techniques implemented to optimize the viewing experience of users across different screen resolutions of various devices from mobiles, smartphones, desktops, and tablets to even smart TVs. It has grown to become an indispensable tool in modern web development. However, much of the websites are not optimized for mobile devices that are often restricted by display size and demand different approaches for effective display of content on screen. In contrast to a dynamic responsive website, a regular website fails to provide screen-size optimized viewing experience with easy access to information dispersed around numerous subsections of the website. Also, unlike responsive websites smooth navigation is virtually impossible in common websites when viewed on devices other than desktops.

Businesses – small, medium, and of course, conglomerates – are employing the science and art of responsive website design to achieve their branding and marketing goals.

  • Better usability is an important outcome of responsive design as it ensures a superior experience that reduces abandoned checkouts and bounce-rates of a website.
  • A smart and responsive layout allows businesses to control content exposure where you can display specific contents only relevant to consumers on a particular device.
  • Responsive website does away with archaic concept of creating multiple platform specific applications as it can be viewed on all devices seamlessly.
  • The entire process of maintaining your web visibility gets streamlined with a responsive website. Content can be published and updated only once on your website which will get modified for diverse devices with different layouts.

There are multiple advantages of mobile friendly website in businesses:

  • Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    – Google, Bing and other search engines gives priority to mobile-optimized sites for searches made on a mobile device. Your website only requires optimized content for single link with a constant URL structure for all devices.
  • Higher Sales and Conversion Rate

    –With discernible search benefits, responsive design effectively enhances sales, generates increased traffic, improves customer engagement and conversion rate of a business. And that ultimately leads to superior Return on Investment (ROI) and helps businesses realize increased revenue generation.
  • Effortless Adaptation and Increased Reach across Multiple Devices

    –The biggest benefit of mobile friendly web design is its flexibility to adapt to different gadget screens with unified design. The relocated content, changed layout, resized images, adjusted navigation, and alternating font sizes deliver better usability and exceptional user experiences.
  • Cost-effective Maintenance

    – Instead of adopting the costly and cumbersome method of designing numerous versions of your website, it is practical to invest in a responsive website that performs seamlessly across various devices without any extra cost. Also, you can keep the costs down without any compromise on user experience, simply by investing in a superior responsive website instead of multiple apps for different platforms.
  • Website administrators must ensure that content is uniformly updated, available on different platforms, and suitable for all operating systems.
  • Responsive website is expensive and calls for considerable primary investment. Requiring elaborate technical procedures it could also prolong the website development period.
  • Visitors don’t necessarily want the same basic experience everywhere, on every device.
  • It might lead to slower downloads in some cases.

We understand the need and importance of a website that addresses as well as achieves all your business goals. At Singsys, we provide your business with a smart and responsive interface by implementing an array of cutting-edge technologies and customized solutions. With us, you can rest assured about enhanced user experience, smart navigation, and an engaging content is distinctively search engine friendly and ultimately profitable.

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