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Google's Flutter is the fastest growing technology to position your brand at the top with minimum cost for highly productive mobile apps on both platforms for a native experience. Experience great performance with eye-catching UI.

Singsys being a frontrunner in flutter app development in Singapore focus on crafting cross-platform mobile apps with rich and fluid user experience. We are skilled in fully customizing the available widgets for making mobile app responsive.

Just like React Native we are well versed with style and functionality of flutter framework including hot reload, widget libraries and dart libraries to develop beautiful native apps in record time for cross platform with a single codebase and eventually enhance the user experience. Our experienced and equally talented team of flutter app developer are passionate to put best efforts to develop best solutions for any cross platform app development in every industry domain.

Flutter has multiple benefits over React Native in terms of cross-platform app development though both share single codebase for iOS and Android app development. In short time of arrival of Google's open source framework for cross-platform app development, Singsys has been the top flutter app development company in Singapore due to passion for quality driven business solutions that makes us proficient to develop mobile apps in record time. Have a look at some great apps developed using flutter.

Your Business needs to reach faster to users than your competitors so it will require a cross platform app developed in less time yet highly functional and affordable. Apart from other existing cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin, React Native, and Cordova you should prefer Flutter due to its modern architecture that supports rapid application development with graphic-rich UI as well as makes the app easily accessible on both mobile platform. The better you engage users with high end user interface the more quickly your brand will expand among the customers.

COD - CAUSEWAY OD SHIELD is cross-platform app for Cross Border Vehicle Insurance

A cross platform app for Kim Eang Tong Temple

Flutter based mobile app for QR Code Reader


Flutter based mobile app to allow Singaporeans to easily claim vehicle insurance in foreign land. Our developers leveraged their flutter expertise to make vehicle insurance claiming process easier with uploading vehicle snapshots, hassle-free navigation and quick load time. It will lessen the time and make the process easier as well as efficient.


Kim Eang Tong

Our experienced Flutter developers developed Android and iOS version of Kim Eang Tong that provides information about detailed information about Jin Yingtang - Kim Eang Tong Temple in Singapore including the upcoming events in the temple and location to make app browsing a quick and delightful experience with simple yet user engaging UI. Implemetation of Push notification feature to alert user about future events to take place.

Kim Eang Tong


Singsys Flutter developer made scanning QR code easy with Yuhui QR Code App. We have built this app to not only scan QR code directly but also barcode mentioned in URL. Our Flutter developers leveraged their technical skills to ensure QR code can be scanned in a fast manner. This app will help Android & iOS users to scan coupon code and also avail the discounts.


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