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Simple Secure Scalable cloud platform - Hosting & Cloud

We provide an array of AWS manage support services and Cloud Computing services for scalable secure and reliable mode to host data in clouds and cut down hardware cost.

  • Simple Secure Scalable cloud platform - Hosting & Cloud
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Empower business with AWS Cloud Hosting

Amazon Web Services have managed to render sustainable solutions successfully to millions of customers across the globe. Amazon Web Hosting Services caters to a wide range of operating requirements including data storage, networking, administration and security, computing, analytics, application services, deployment, management, and more. An established enterprise can take advantage of Amazon Cloud Services ensuring an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solution for your IT needs.

Overcome Challenges with our Support

While migrating to the AWS cloud, you might be faced with various challenges at each stage of migration. We efficiently assist our clients to overcome challenges that any enterprise will face while they are undergoing the migration process.

  • Data security- We assist our clients in finding security loopholes and rectifying it through our methodologies and security compliances.
  • Complexity- Our experts provide grounds to support cloud migration in order to avoid the complexities of the tasks.
  • Risk- Our professionals avoid uninvited surprises which can incur cost and time overheads for your business.
  • Cost-effectiveness- We’ve built a proven approach for migrating workloads to AWS so that your business goals can be achieved efficiently.
  • Smooth migration- We have AWS experts with required experience to carry out smooth migrations successfully.

How Singsys can help you?

Singsys offers a comprehensive blend of AWS Advanced Cloud Consulting Services, we provide comprehensive folio of cloud solutions along with prompt and reliable support. With our innovative and statistical methodologies to design, build and implement cloud solutions to reduce your IT costs.

  • Security- Our AWS security experts assist you to build a secure AWS foundation as well as aid you in deploying and running sensitive systems in the cloud.
    • Security architecture
    • Vulnerability analysis
  • Architecture- Our expertise while adopting cloud based IT infrastructure reduces the hassles of maintaining the hardware infrastructure.
    • Application design and deployment
    • Migration from legacy infrastructure
  • Migration- We reduce your risk of migration into the cloud and assist to plan and manage successful migration into the cloud ensuring better customer experience.
    • Backup and disaster recovery
    • AWS infrastructure administration
  • Optimization- We analyze your environment for optimizing the performance and cost of your business to increase efficiency through optimized architecture.
    • AWS auto-scaling
    • Monitoring production workloads
  • Deployment- Our AWS experts provide flexible, reliable and scalable AWS cloud service to clients.
    • User Management
    • Advanced AWS Services Integration
  • Singsys is the best choice to operate in the cloud, innovate with technology and maximize your IT investment. By delivering unbiased expertise across leading technologies with proven results we assist you to achieve your desired business goals. We proactively keep us up to date on all the major products and services from the providers.

Enhance Productivity Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform offers a wide range of integrated services, from analytics and computing to databases, mobile, networking and storage. Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that allows applications to be hosted and run at Microsoft data centers. Azure provides a wide array of solutions suitable for all business needs. Microsoft Azure is mostly considered by the organizations that prefer both Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering.

Overcome Challenges with our Support

Technology, despite its benefits, can often present numerous challenges. Integrating it with existing tech in moving applications from a test and development environment to live production. We enable our clients to continue their digital transformation into the Cloud by overcoming these challenges.

  • Security Issues- We consider implementing a virtual private network and end to end encryption to safeguard app and data breaches.
  • System Downtime Planning- We estimate the downtime according to each migration step and try to spread it out to have minimal impact.
  • Application Compatibility- We run the application in an Azure test environment to discover compatibility issues and ensure successful migration.
  • Database Migration- We identify compatibility issues with Azure storage and the existing application storage like unsupported or partially supported.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning- We have robust and well-proven disaster recovery plans to overcome any catastrophic data loss or application errors.

How Singsys can help you

Singsys provides a full spectrum of Deployment Planning Services (DPS) for Microsoft Azure cloud computing on both Platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). We assist you with Microsoft Volume Licensing or Software Assurance (SA) benefits for efficient IT services.

  • Cloud Advisor- Our Cloud Advisory services assist clients in defining new Cloud strategy and performing Cloud readiness assessments for migrating workloads to Azure.
    • Design Readiness
    • Design Services
  • Cloud Design- Our Azure solution architects aim to design world-class solutions, fit for the future - solutions which ensure performance, resilience, visibility, control and security.
    • Business Focus
    • Design in Reliability
  • Cloud Transform- Our capability and services combine in the form of a framework for Cloud Transformation, assisting our customers throughout the lifecycle of their solutions.
    • Azure Customer Landing Zone
    • Business Focused Support
  • Cloud Support and Management- Our aligned support and management services deliver enterprise-class Azure services, commercial flexibility and security.
    • Value Added Services
    • Operational Services
  • Application Platform Development- We offer a comprehensive, highly automated, tool-based approach to de-risk your business and modernise your applications.
    • Refactor
    • Re-engineer
  • Need a trusted partner? One who can advise you to advance your cloud initiatives and modernize your business and technology platforms. Regardless of your industry, size, or stage in your journey, Singsys' services helps you unlock innovation and move to the cloud with confidence.

Expand your reach with Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud serves as a business unit of Alibaba Group that offers a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to empower online businesses. Alibaba Cloud offers a complete range of public cloud server hosting services and cloud computing to large and small businesses, individual developers, and the public sectors. With 16+ international data center regions and 1200+ CDN nodes around the world, the Alibaba Cloud can extend your reach to customers worldwide.

Overcome Challenges with our Support

Every Infrastructure has its integration points, such as payment gateways, SMTP servers, web services, external storage, and third-party vendors. Unexpected connectivity or authentication challenges can be experienced that need to be identified and solved upfront.

  • Design complexity- We emphasize on the foremost requirement for any successful migration to ensure app should follow a distributed architecture.
  • Integration- We successfully resolve unexpected connectivity or authentication challenges that can impact client’s cloud migration
  • Application database- We ensure migration to be highly reliable with the possibility of rollbacks to deal with any unexpected chaos.
  • Budget- Our experts will meet client’s demands as per the required services and resources with budget constraints.
  • Development and Testing- Our experts ensure that clients code and infrastructure are always ready to be deployed in their environment.

How Singsys can help you

Singsys deliver impartial support for best-fit cloud solutions to the business organizations. We assure seamless migration and infrastructure management with our multi-cloud professional cloud hosting services to attain accurate agility. Our highly-experienced cloud engineers serve customers to build and devise their cloud applications

  • Application Security- We provide centralized security operations to prevent attacks and intrusions and ensure the safety of sensitive application data.
    • Web Application Firewall
    • Security Center
  • Account Security- Our solutions assist to log all user's access and fcilitates our clients to audit all user access to their cloud services and resources securely.
    • ActionTrail Services
    • Access Control
  • Storage and Infrastructure- We provide advanced, customizable analytics on critical metrices such as CPU utilization and latency.
    • Content Delivery Network
    • Network Attached Storage
  • Elastic Computing- We provide Alibaba Cloud’s GPU for high-demand computing such as graphics and video rendering, deep learning and so on.
    • Elastic GPU Service
    • Supercomputing Cluster
  • Data Security- Singsys is committed to protecting the data securely and privately for every client for their enterprise security.
    • Data Recovery
    • Data Integrity
  • Singsys is the best choice to operate in the cloud, innovate with technology and maximize your IT investment. By delivering unbiased expertise across leading technologies with proven results we assist you to achieve your desired business goals. We proactively keep us up to date on all the major products and services from the provider.

Unleash Agility with Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud inventory is a cloud computing platform with a large spectrum of services ranging from Virtual Machines, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Storage and Networking. Google Cloud equips your existing on-premise or hybrid infrastructure to handle modern digital workloads while reducing risks associated with vendor lock-in. The Google Cloud computing services offers businesses to empower and innovate in their own terms.

Overcome Challenges with our Support

As Google’s offerings expand, it faces new challenges to create a coherent and comprehensive offering for its clients. We accept challenges as an opportunity to serve our clients enthusiastically and provide end to end support to overcome the challenges faced while using Google Cloud Platform.

  • Integration- Our Google Cloud experts assist in integration on-premise tools and applications to work together.
  • Migration- Our experts ensure quick movement across the cloud and achieve a faster value for time
  • Automation & Optimization- Our team turns client’s data into insights and adopts new technology by leveraging cloud-only GCP solutions
  • Migrate to GCP- Our team has expertise in migrating databases, data warehouse and applications quickly and seamlessly to GCP.
  • Enterprise Data Platform- Our experts provide end-to-end analytics and business intelligence solutions to control of data assets

How Singsys can help you

Singsys assists organizations to experience digital transformation by leveraging its high-quality expertise and end-to-end support. We enable businesses to build, innovate and deploy their intelligent applications regardless of the types or size of their respective business data.

  • Infrastructure and Development- Our experts deploy infrastructure and platform services and provide all necessary support and assistance efficiently.
    • Mobile and Web Applications Platforms
    • Software Development Tools
  • Cloud Migration- We perform seamless migration whether critical systems and services, such as databases and applications, to a GCP cloud.
    • Databases
    • Applications
  • Data Recovery- Our team assists in data backup, recovery, and integrity, minimize risks of downtimes of key infrastructure components.
    • Data Backup
    • Data Integrity
  • Data Security- Singsys is committed to protect the data securely and privately for every client for their enterprise security.
    • Data Recovery
    • Data Integrity
  • Application Modernization- Our team assists clients to modernize their applications while easily managing the complexity of fragmented processes.
    • API Management Platform
    • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments
  • Singsys is committed towards delivering high level of expertise and quality assurance to its value-added customers through a wide array of managed cloud services. With the help of your dedicated account team, avail proactive and recurring management, monitoring and optimization services for your Google Cloud Platform offered by Singsys.

  • Cloud Application Support & Maintenance Cloud Application Support & Maintenance
  • Firewall Support Services Firewall Support Services
  • Managed Cloud Support Services Managed Cloud Support Services
  • Managed Cloud Security Services Managed Cloud Security Services
  • Virtualization- VPN Services Virtualization- VPN Services
  • Server Support & Maintenance Server Support & Maintenance
  • Service of Cloud Server Monitoring Service of Cloud Server Monitoring
  • Services of Cloud Server Reporting Services of Cloud Server Reporting
  • Desktop & Laptop Supports Desktop & Laptop Supports
  • On Call Support On Call Support

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