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Agile project delivery methodology from initiation till fruition to encourage skill acquisition among team members for project success.


Our Methodology For Project Delivery

Our goal is to create a recipe for our customers that is understandable and repeatable. 

Based on the formal approval of the Project Proposal and the go-ahead given by the customer, we put in place a time-tested robust methodology for Software Development. Singsys Software Development Life Cycle follows a customer-friendly methodology that facilitates swift project "take-off" leading on to a predictable, low-risk path for high quality results.

Our project methodology is "user-centric" and facilitates rapid application development that leverages continuous user involvement and "progressive prototyping" to assure that the development effort remains focused and the delivered system is flexible and meets user requirements.

At Singsys our goal is to create a recipe for our customers that is understandable and repeatable. Singsys follows a Project Methodology that is one of the best in the IT industry.

We embark on the project-schedulings with a comprehensive strategy build upon focussing rapid application development. Strategists are deployed primary so as to device the strategy after in-depth assimilation of the client's and the business focal requirements.
Wireframing forms the integral part of our religious design phase for the early assimilation of the usability aspects at the start of the design conceptualisation enabling easy user-flow and experience. World-renowned design team up for the visually appealing and engaging applications.
Singsys takes an agile approach with its solution building and development cycles. Gauging equitable expertise upon development, we focus upon quality deliverables built upon the comprehensive series cycle.
Drawing over a decade’s experience in rewarding application development and quality testing services, Singsys has conceptualized a strategic in-house testing and quality-assurance approach.
From conceptualisation to launching, we cover it all! We avail end-to end deployment of the applications for the end-usability.

Discovery of perspective from ideas

We kick start the Discover phase with an official visit to a concerned organization and exchange our vision and values, also get familiar with work-flow, process methodology and gather client's requirements to assess and submit a report on behalf of the visit. This report has following elements:

  • Project scope analysis & documentation
  • Business level requirements
  • Technical level requirements
  • Stakeholder groups involved
  • Gap Review and Recommendation
  • Project work-flow with break-up and delivery points
  • Estimated project Time-line

Design of a Perfect Prototype

Singsys design process is broken up further into various key tasks:

  • Establish User-Interface guidelines & Code guidelines
  • System Designing
  • Data Modelling
  • Creation of Test Plans for modular & integrated application testing

The path from Design to Development is traversed after a presenting proper layout of the design documents with most recent Project Plan and official approval by the stakeholders.

Development of idea into real time application

Development phase comprises mainly coding and architecture development of application in a manner that it can be deployed on an incremental basis particularly named as "Project Modules or Milestones". Multilayer testing methodology is performed while application is being developed.

For all integrated modules, Quality Assurance team perform entire test suites which is further reviewed by stakeholders regarding important parameters of efficiency and ease of use. Deliverables acceptance by stakeholders marks the successful completion of this stage.

Successful Deployment after Successful Development

Depending upon size or complexity of the project, the application architecture deployment phase can vary. This phase also takes into account of the data that needs to be converted.

Eventually, Final integration testing and Quality Assessment is done under expertise of our ISTQB Certified professionals with the involvement of stakeholders. This phase thus ensures that business process are carried out swiftly and if required a backup plan is prepared to be deployed.

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