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Singsys: a Mobile App Development Company which Shatters Stereotypes

It goes without saying that mobile application development is the new hot trend on the market and it’s here to stay. In fact, mobile application development in Singapore has seen a tremendous leap forward. At Singsys, we value the diversity and the upcoming trends and tendencies but we also like to have one foot solid on the ground.

There are integral principles that we cherish and hold very dear which differentiate us from competitors alike. There are things that just make a difference.

  • High-End Communication

We are amongst the mobile app development companies which put tremendous emphasis on transparent yet time-efficient communication. We won’t waste your time with redundancy but we will make sure that everything is cleared out so the result could be flawlessly executed.

  • We Share Your Passion

Mobile application development is what we love. Each one of our developers has the same passion for your app as you do. We don’t regard your project as just another dollar-bill, we identify our love for the industry within it. That’s why we are able to guarantee personalized and high-end execution.

  • We Keep it Smart

We’re not just here to code. Let’s face it – a mobile app is an investment. Understanding financial constraints and challenges, we keep things on the low. We stick to the budget and we meet our deadlines. We don’t deal with redundancy and we won’t bump up the hours to make a buck. Our main intention and absolute honest hope is to nurture a strong, working relationship with each and every one of our clients. That’s what we aspire to and that’s the cornerstone of our company.

Singsys is your reliable partner when it comes to mobile application development in Singapore. With years of experience in the local market we know our stuff inside out. This doesn’t mean that we get too comfortable. As we mentioned above, we like to keep one foot solid on the ground in order to ensure that the working foundation is always there to back your project up.

We place our bets on high quality, timely deliveries, splendid customer service and affordability unlike any other in the industry. If you identify yourself in any of these values, we’d be more than happy to be your partner!

Two Super and Superior Platform for Mobile Development are Android and iOS

  • Android (Android App Development)

Android, a globally accepted trendsetter is an open-source Linux-based operating system designed mainly for smart phones and tablets. Open source code and licensing allows it’s developers and device manufacturers to modify the software according to their needs hence making it a suitable platform for ideas to perform and prosper.

  • iOS (iOS App Development)

Apple started with 500 applications. Currently, it boasts over 500,000 applications. Apple App Store with larger than Android App base makes iOS a suitable platform to develop a wide variety of applications.
Singsys believes in providing visually engaging iPhone app designs capable of delivering a seamless experience to our clients. That’s the determining factor extracting us away from the rest of iOS apps development firms of Singapore.

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