Our Engagement models foster relationship with clients to determine control and responsibility of the project.

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Our customers continue to find that Singsys reinterprets outsourcing and imbues its meaning with a richness never encountered before.

Singsys offers 3 different engagement models for our clients to determine on which makes the best sense for the project requirements and ensure maximum ROI for them. Having said, Singsys ensure to present it's own views in engagement model to be considered based on the project requirements.

The ideal condition for the engagement models is:

Fix Price Project

Fix Price Project

In fixed price project model raw requirements are provided to us by client. Our expert analyze it to design a comprehensive document and plan a suitable budget model on that behalf.

In this model expert project management with dedicated monitoring for quality assurance, cost control and no unpredicted changes show up during development to define the price on behalf of project scope and complexity. Interestingly, a fixed price project model will ensure that client has minimal paperwork to deal with.

Time Basis Business Model

Time Basis Business Model

In time and material business model client will pay only for the hours they engage our resources. The major advantage of this model is the flexibility that is provided to client who can get work done in different phases.

Resources occupied by the project can be adjusted as per evolving requirements which will accordingly optimize the time frame and all associated cost. T&M model plays a vital role in ensuring minimum risk factor for client and us with its flexibility and negotiable budget orientation.

Hire a Team

Hire a Team

This model will fulfill your idea in your style by letting you explore and achieve their vision with help of dedicated experts. Hire quality control, design and development teams to work exclusively for you on your terms. This model lets client have complete ownership of resource to ensure the ultimate control and flexibility for getting things done their way. This business model provides complete project management.

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