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Our Engagement models foster relationship with clients to determine control and responsibility of the project.


We offer various Engagement Models

Our customers continue to find that Singsys reinterprets outsourcing and imbues its meaning with an inspiring experience never encountered before.

Singsys offers 3 unique engagement models for our clients to determine the one that makes the best sense for the project requirements and ensure maximum ROI for them. Having said, Singsys ensure to present it's own views in engagement model to be considered based on the various project requirements for different business models.

Fix Price Project

Fix Price Project

This model will work for you when the project requirements and specifications are well defined before the project starts.You can outsource your project to experts at Singsys to give life to your idea. We will study your project and accordingly quote you an estimated price and timeline for project development.

The project objectives and targets are well-defined and it is a transparent development process. Upon your enquiry, we instantly determine project scope and accordingly provide you pricing and an estimated time frame. Small and medium-sized projects with defined scope and schedule are most benefited under this engagement model.

Time Basis Business Model

An ideal model for the projects with dynamic requirements and whose scope expands during the development process due to changing market trends. Upon outsourcing the project to us, you will be presented the price in terms of time spend in hours to develop your project.

This model is beneficial if you are expecting to expand your project scope further hence the development cost are most probably prone to change based on emerging market trends. The flexibility offered in this model is important to balance team size and workload of the project.

Time Basis Business Model
Hire a Team

Hire a Team

When your project development requires a really long-term engagement of resources then we provide you a team of talented individuals to work on your idea. This is a flexible model where the client hires a team of developers that is best fit for their purpose and affordable. The client will love the level of work-flow transparency associated with this model of development.

When the project is outsourced to us we provide flexible hiring process on monthly and hourly basis. In this model our resources work on your vision and in your style.

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