Our Engagement models foster relationship with clients to determine control and responsibility of the project.

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Our customers continue to find that Singsys reinterprets outsourcing and imbues its meaning with a richness never encountered before.

Singsys offers 3 different engagement models for our clients to determine on which makes the best sense for the project requirements and ensure maximum ROI for them. Having said, Singsys ensure to present it's own views in engagement model to be considered based on the project requirements.

The ideal condition for the engagement models is:

Singsys | Project Based Pricing

Business Model 1:
Project based assessment

The overview this model determines is that the project requirements are quite clear from end-to-end and concrete from the very start. Based on the complete requirements, the scope of work involved in constructing a system as per the requirement is evaluated and accordingly based on the scope of work the time required is assessed.

Having said, as requirements are clearly specified in this model, it involves least or negligible element of risk. It also helps in formulating the time-line and budget for the system development within the initial discovery phase.

Singsys | Effort Based Pricing

Business Model 2:
Effort based assessment

Big and Complex projects whose requirement and design are subject to change involving Agile methodology of development, quite often during the process are best suited to this type of business model. This model offers client maximum flexibility to alter the project related specification on an on-going basis. It also empowers them to alter & manage the required specification based on changing market dynamics.

We provide the client and project members with more than usual flexibility in terms of size and skills that best suit to various aspects of their project. The total price for the project is billed based on the effort of the dedicated resources been allocated to the concerned project.

Singsys | Manpower Outsourcing

Business Model 3:
Manpower Outsourcing

Manpower outsourcing is a suitable model in a scenario where the client is ready with sufficient infrastructure for project development but lacks manpower with project specific skill sets. Singsys, based on client requirements organizes a team with the required skill set and helps the client with full control over the usage of the resources thus provisioned. The costing parameter is decided based upon the number of members under different skill set involved in the project at or away from client's location.

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