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Gain competitive leap with - Outsourced Product Development

Achieve expertise, rapid scaling, mitigate risk, minimize development & support costs while evolving on latest technological blooms and market strategies with our Outsourced Product Development offerings.

  • Gain competitive leap with - Outsourced Product Development

Bringing Product Innovation to Global Enterprises

Singsys is a premiere Outsourced Product Development company striving to amalgamate the multidisciplinary product- building expertise with development strategies for our global clientele. We are leading OPD partners with niche focus on end-to-end product lifecycle gauging services on product development, advancement, migration, re-engineering, testing and support. We believe in leveraging our global talent pools onboard for the dedicated product offerings.

Bringing Product Innovation to Global Enterprises
  • Product Design & Development

  • Product Re-Engineering, Enhancement & Migration

  • Product Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Product Marketing & Positioning Blueprint

Engaging in Outsourced Product Development

Engaging in Outsourced Product Development

In the ever daunting metamorphosing business strategies and rapidly changing technological paradigms, the need of OPD providers by global enterprises can serve as a quick bait to:

  • Acquire expertise
  • Build additional resources
  • Enhance engineering & design intricacies
  • Minimize development & support costs
  • Abate technological obsolescence

As a result, the parent enterprise can focus more on market analysis and marketing strategies while brainstorming upon new competencies for greater profitability.

Flexible OPD Models

Our flexible outsourcing frameworks extend over the vivid spectrum encompassing end-to end product development services to global competitive ISVs.

  • Full-fledged product development: Singsys hails it’s technological prominence by contributing significantly in the entire product-life cycle.
  • Modular product development: Modular Outsourcing models for global enterprises with exceptional product integration skills
  • Co-development: Celebrating co-existing frameworks with nodal global enterprises leveraging each other key competency.

We Create Mobile & Web Apps for Global Brands like

Singapore Technology
Singapore Tourism Board

Evident Analysis: Case Study

It goes down almost undoubtedly the edging benefits of Outsourced Product Development. Here’s a grounding tell-a-tale to plunge upon this novel service to the quickest frame.

In an attempt to surge up the product development efforts, an e-procurement software provider firm dealing with the higher education markets outsourced the creation of a certain modular product to an OPD provider to anticipate the role of such initiatives.

Having received successful remarks upon the same with ramped up end results and remarkable efficient profitability dealings while focussing upon the nuances concerning marketing gave further impetus to adopt full-fledgedly the OPD offerings. Consequently, the e-procurement provider augmented the outsourced team to more resources on-board.

This long-term association with the OPD provider existed for another 3 years and helped to attain the following:

  • Realised product enhancement with release of multiple versions of the end-product every year.
  • Crashed obsolete product protocols and included additional features than planned, leading to faster customer procurement.
  • Enhanced focussing on product management and marketing activities as opposed to dealing with the overhead of managing a team.
  • Achieve higher R&D productivity for resources.

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