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Magento Solution tailored by Magento Official Partners to ensure online sales boost and customer loyalty. Expertise and experience to engineer perfect eCommerce solution that is scalable, flexible and set upon best eCommerce industry standards. Magento Hosting, Integration and Support by Magento certified developers.

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Our Magento eCommerce Development Services are tailored to ensure that your online store is customized as per the latest industry trends and your e-Commerce needs

They are capable of picking up a range of characteristics which facilitate layered navigation, wish lists, advanced searches, favourite products, thorough and quick comparisons, multi-store features, splendid management of your content and a range of others. If you’re looking for a fully-functional and easy to operate eCommerce platform, Magento is definitely going to get the job done.

Magento Community Insider Program takes us closer to Magento and will help us taking our client Business closer to Customers

Do you plan to migrate your e-commerce store to magento or looking to hire certified magento developers to develop your e-commerce store better than your competitors thereby making your business easily available for your customer.

Singsys will solve your purpose in either scenarios by leveraging the below benefits on behalf of its access to Magento Community Insider Program (CIP) to custom build a visually appealing, feature rich Magento online shopping website to appeal your customer with smooth navigation and quick page load time without compromising on the functional aspect of the website.

  • Access to Magento Commerce source code, sales and marketing resources, and a cloud sandbox account.
  • Staying updated with all latest information about software release, patches and tools.
  • Access to Community Insider newsletter to acquaint us with all the latest announcements and hot topics among the magento community.
  • Participation in Magento events for global exposure.

Magento Community Insider Program (CIP) and our Magento developers experience of developing online store about in various verticals of eCommerce industry make us perfect eCommerce solution provider for bespoke eCommerce Solutions in Singapore.

As professional Magento website developers, we pride ourselves at delivering scalable and incredibly flexible end products. This is not an exception. What is more, the flexibility which is associated with Magento allows you to take advantage of tailored edition-based solutions which are designed to scale with each business, regardless of whether it’s a small home-based DIY craft shop or the online store of a large corporate retailer.

The highlights of our Magento development services include:

  • Multiple Store Management

Prior to Magento, managing a few different stores from single administrative panel was either inconvenient or particularly expensive. Our Magento development services are tailored and refined to deliver perfect distinction between your different stores while conveniently packing them into one easy to navigate and to operate administrative panel. This is something which would save you a lot of working capital as well as workforce and, most importantly – hassle.

  • Mobile Friendly

We, as Magento certified developers, do not believe in any development which is not mobile friendly. The truth is that the world is steadily shifting towards mobile trends and that’s something you need to learn to run with. That’s a trend which won’t go away. Let’s face it – each and anyone of us owns a smartphone. In fact, the market has grown exponentially throughout the last couple of years. Any company which fails to delegate the necessary resources towards capturing this tremendous traffic would undoubtedly lose out on a lot of potential customers. With Magento, you can rest assured that your ecommerce will be as mobile-friendly as it gets.

  • Shattering Boundaries

We take pride in our Magento website development services and we like to believe that they take our clients to the next levels. They’re not binding them with sheer geographical constraint as we are well aware the potential of ecommerce is worldwide. The unique features of Magento attempts to blur the boundaries, rendering them completely irrelevant, allowing our client’s customers to shop on the go, regardless of their physical location.

  • An Array of Marketing Tools

On the other hand, it’s also important to think in perspective. Magento offers a myriad of marketing tools which would enable you to streamline sales and enhance your online dominance. This is something absolutely critical.

Some of them include bundled products, multi-tier pricing, and landing page tools for different promotional campaigns, flexible coupons, catalogue promotional pricing and whatnot. The opportunities are limitless.

We take the underlying trends and tendencies in terms of UX and UI and we bring a finished product which is going to foster interest and streamline sales.

Our Magento Development Services Include:

  • Magento Store development
  • Magento website customization
  • Magento theme development
  • Magento theme customization
  • Magento multi store development
  • Magento store maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly architecture
  • Magento custom module development
  • Migration to Magento 2

Magento based solution for Olympus Lens and Camera

Online Store on Magneto for Singapore Chocolate Lovers

Web solution provided to FNA Group International

Online Store on Magento for modern office chairs

Ecommerce Store on Magento for Bespoke Skincare Products by Dr GL

MGM - Magento based Online Store of Luxury Products


Olympus enables the provisioning of online product selling for Olympus Singapore, Olympus Malaysia & Olympus Thailand including Cameras, Lenses, Binoculars, Audio equipment, Scientific solution and related accessories. Properly structured navigation of the website provides hassle-free and smooth user experience.


The Cocoa Trees

The Cocoa Tree is an online heaven for Singapore Chocolate lovers. Customers will find every possible chocolate on this emerging online shop in Singapore. Based on Magento 2, it allows customers to buy various other snacks as well as arrange gift hamper for special occasions.

The Cocoa Trees

FNA Group

FNA group international is an established authority in the distribution and retailing of chocolate and confectionery in the Asia Pacific realm. Our developers have put their CodeIgniter expertise to design a web application that is in strict accordance with their service. Our designers have followed industry standards to highlight their core values using amazingly eye-pleasing color pattern. It is a clutter-free website with minimum content yet all business aspects being covered completely.

FNA Group


A Magento based e-commerce portal to help corporate professionals choose comfortable office chairs based on latest design. We developed there store to help customers find and buy the right chair for the workplace an easy and quick process. MayOffice Designs primarily focus on delivering chairs that make the workplace comfortable.



Singsys designed and developed an e-commerce portal for people sensitive about skin. In this Magneto 2.0 based online store, the customer can purchase the science-backed skincare solutions tailored to every type of skin by Dr Georgia Lee. These products reflect the expertise of Dr Georgia Lee to ensure quality products for radiant and glowing skin. Dr Georgia Lee is a leading aesthetician in Singapore.


My Gift Mall

MY GIFT MALL is Magento 1.9 based web application that serves as an excellent online store for lovers of luxury brands. Singsys did smart categorisation of hundreds of luxury products to let user choose what they want easily and at the earliest.

My Gift Mall

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