We are skilled to write an app on client side which can interact directly with CouchDB without the need of a server side layer thereby reducing development time considerably.

We understand true sense of CouchDB multi-master bidirectional replication to develop scalable CouchDB views

CouchDB is a database that completely embraces the web. Store your data with JSON documents. Access your documents and query your indexes with your web browser, via HTTP. Index, combine, and transform your documents with JavaScript.

Singsys has a wide experience in CouchDB, it works well with modern web and mobile apps. You can even serve web apps directly out of CouchDB. CouchDB has an easy-to-use web admin console, and among its features are real-time change notifications and a fault-tolerant storage engine. It is open-source with a community support forum.

  • A start-up providing for free dedicated and latest official versions of Apache CouchDB.
  • Consistency: Where we ensure that all your servers are identical.
  • Availability: Where we make sure that your data is always available on time.

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