Android Wearable Apps

Our apps collect process and provide personal data in a smart and friendly manner to share with you.

Wear a solution that Affects you and Suits you

Wearable devices might have less functionality but they are more individual oriented apps. On behalf of android wearable apps they collect data from an individual through sensors and process it to produce result that suit to a person's health, his daily finance and also enhance his productivity.

FitBit, Apple Watch, and Android Wear are signature product to stand out in wearable apps arena. These apps are designed to squeeze maximum possible from analytical data collected by them. This processed real time data is base for creating wearable apps that monitor blood oxygen, heart beat or workout efficiency on day to day basis. Singsys start the process with team of talented, experienced developers are  dedicated to deliver you best wearable app experience.

Our Android Wearable Apps Development Highlights-

  • User Values Centric Design
  • Futuristic Development
  • Error Free Assurance
  • Timely App Store Deployment
  • Reasonable Price structure

uParcel is a technological advanced mobile app and web platform offering consumers an ease to book parcel delivery booking service within seconds and ensures the delivery been made by a secured and trusted delivery agent. 

A platform which offers users to book a parcel delivery from destination A to destination B using CONSUMER APP and on other end allowing delivery agents to accept the parcel delivery request at a pre-defined rate and deliver it to the recipient using DELIVERY APP. A platform that allows consumers to track the current location of their parcel out for delivery and keep them notified of the parcel current status. Also, enabling receiver end to confirm the parcel received by digitally signing on the agent app itself.

An optimum utilization of MAP services, app notifications, location tracking, secure payment gateway, digital signature, review, rating & a very well structured CMS system for ADMIN are some highlights of these project.

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