We are skilled in developing custom modules by using Drupal extensive API as well as proficient in addition or modification of custom Drupal templates.

Drupal is an excellent enterprise class web application platform where we practice expertise for advance content management

Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) capable of administering a website, its users and its content easily via Drupal Administration menu. Over past few years Drupal has emerged as most powerful CMS system used for very complex web applications. With Drupal 7 released in beginning of year, it has overcome with limitations of its older versions. With almost all important modules part of Drupal core, it has been a lot easier to create a quick website with standard features within hours, not weeks.

Singsys built several small and large sized web applications using Drupal core as well as by creating customized modules. We provide full-fledged service ranging from Drupal module configuration to theme implementation based on specific business requirements. Our skilled and experienced Drupal developers have successfully completed and delivered projects to client world-wide and are committed to client business growth.

  • Drupal CMS development
  • Drupal extension development
  • Drupal Theme development
  • Drupal website development
  • Drupal template development
  • Maintenance/Data migration

Shoptiq by Singtel is an e-commerce ecosystem specially for small size business

NAeL - Wholly owned subsidiary of HAL (Ministry of Defence, India)

Shoptiq Singtel

Shoptiq is Singtel owned e-commerce solution dedicated to small scale business. Our developers have leveraged the Drupal technology to ensure Shoptiq is useful for its client to smartly reach bigger user pool. This e-commerce application is a complete eco-system to help users choose and integrate appropriate technology for maximum market exposure and even better brand expansion.

Shoptiq Singtel


NAeL is a wholly owned subsidiary of HAL that is making the users aware of the latest development by the HAL in Aerospace Industry and also features details about the ongoing and upcoming events at NAeL. Singsys proudly developed this Drupal based website to connect citizens with the vision and mission of NAeL.


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