dotNET Based ERP

Experience and Expertise over Dotnet Based ERP that is suitable ERP choice for Small Business.

We simplify business complexities using .net Framework based Enterprise Resource Planning model.

At Singsys we expertise in implementing custom business requirements through code via event driven C#

The .NET Framework developed by Microsoft, runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It does includes a large library and also provides language interoperability across several programming languages. ASP.NET and C# allows the development of software ranging from simple web form to big enterprise-level applications. C# is the object oriented language from Microsoft used for high end applications development.

At Singsys we combine ASP.NET with C# technology for the development of client side and server side web applications. Along with the event driven via C# , .NET development team makes maximum benefits of .NET framework and C# technology to provide robust, scalable and powerful ERP solutions to meet your enterprise business needs.

  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Enterprise application integration.
  • Data Services and Management Portal.
  • Designing and building .NET Components.
  • Custom ASP.NET and C# Financial Accounting.
  • Custom ASP.NET and C# Customer Relationship Management.

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