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Way Feng Shui Success Story

Peace of mind Promised through True Essence of Ancient art of Feng Shui

  • Way Feng Shui Success Story

Way Feng Shui Success Story - Singsys

Way FengShui Almanac App is dedicated to reducing workplace and business risks and maintaining your peace of mind. We have designed the 2017 edition of the app with feng shui appropriate theme and an appealing user interface to let users find all the information on behalf of clutter-free format. Our developers ensured to fit every feng shui and Chinese astrological calculations related detail as well as developed an in-app digital Luo pan to easily locate directions for home orientation.

Way Feng Shui Success Story - Singsys

Technologies which were used

About Way Feng Shui

About Way Feng Shui

Way Fengshui Group is among Singapore's most popular and largest professional feng shui consultancy firms. It is a great product by Great Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong to establish peace of mind with your environment. Their passion and dedication of three decades fetched them feng shui projects locally and globally as well established them as an authority in geomancy consultancy.

They leverage their extensive knowledge and respect towards ancient feng shui to maintain accuracy and ensure quality in services. The quality of service provided by them is acknowledged in form of ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for past 20 years. Interestingly, they are the very first geomancy practice in the world to acquire ISO 9001:2008 certification.

They believe in ensuring balanced outlook while facing most crucial questions of life which will be helpful in making decision confidently and result in peace of mind.

Process: We Proceed Professionally

Our developers worked really hard to maintain the app by fulfilling the below requirements

  • Once user login he will be directly able to access the Daily View page.
  • Their purchase screen was changed to an engaging layout where user can easily claim a redemption upon entering the promo code
  • The compass was enhanced to provide modern outlook with lot more information
  • Sharing option was redesigned to ensure the entire content on the current page in shared as part of an engaging user with a user-centered user interface.
  • Under calendar section a new UI feature was introduced in form of a red ring that will highlight the user’s selected day. A yellow dot was used to reflect Singapore's public holidays whereas public holidays apart from the ones in Singapore, were under black circle this was useful to easily differentiate between types of information on calendar.
  • Navigation was enhanced by changing the click action over a date will take user to the actual date in day view.

Solutions We Offer

We successfully fulfilled all their functional requirements and ensured that Way Feng Shui Almanac app is restructured to provide the outlook of an appealing Android application by enhancing user-friendly features while ensuring these are still integrated with Feng Shui friendly theme of the app.

These intriguing user-centered changes included the below

  • like adding date (for a day and month view) under Hour forecast section of the app
  • Adding of Luo pan/compass animation that will also act as a link to the bigger Luo pan
  • Under auspicious date finder the text for "Zodiac involved" was replaced by "People involved" to provide an impression of app popularity among users.
  • 4 new columns for impressing the user using were introduced to task column as below
    • Chen Gu
    • Jin Qian Gua
    • Huang Di Jing
    • Yi Gua

Challenges We Faced

The main challenge was to ensure we don't misplace the existing essence of the app as well boost the user experience by introducing our customer’s requirement inside calendar page of the Way FengShui Almanac Application. We traversed delicately yet confidently, through design phase improvements with intention to keep the comfort of existing users as it is while empowered the app with important changes to be appropriate for 2018 having said all the core aesthetics of Feng Shui are duly maintained.

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