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GreActive - EcoGive, EcoCare and Pledges

GreActive is an independent global platform with the aim to connect communities to protect the environment.

  • GreActive - EcoGive, EcoCare and Pledges

GreActive is an independent global platform with the aim to connect communities to protect the environment.

Our focus is on the 8 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 6 (clean water and sanitation), 7 (affordable and clean energy), 9 (industry, innovation and infrastructure), 11 (sustainable cities and communities), 12 (responsible consumption and production), 13 (climate action), 14 (life below water), and 15 (life on land). Every year, we are short of $1.5 trillion dollars in funding to achieve the UN Sustainability Development Goals and small to medium sized organisations suffer the most because they have limited resources.

GreActive aims to support small to medium sized organisations get the resources they need by maximising their reach in the market. Through our initiatives of Fund, Act and Change, we offer everyone the opportunity to do their part to help protect the environment.

  • FUNDEcoGive Campaigns. Members donate to their favourite EcoGive Campaigns.
  • ACTEcoCare Events. Members connect and join volunteering events.
  • CHANGEPledges. Members take pledges to change a habit to fight climate change.
GreActive is an independent global platform with the aim to connect communities to protect the environment.

Technologies which were used

About the Company

About the Company

Platform Enabler

The GreActive platform is divided into 3 elements: EcoGive, EcoCare and Pledges.

EcoGive campaigns are a way for organisations to showcase the environmental work that they are doing and need your contributions to continue their work. Some examples of campaigns can including planting trees to preserve nature, animal protection and rescue shelter, and working with communities around the world to improve their lives. Organisations can post updates on their work and interact with their donors.

EcoCare Events are a great way for anyone to get involved in the environmental work through volunteering their time. It could be a local event or an adventure holiday working in the field. Some great examples as treking through the forest to plant trees or caring for rescued animals. Just another way to give back to nature and help preserve what we have for future generations.

Pledges are personal commitments that one takes to reduce consumption and our carbon footprint. Of course governments around the world need to take actions but individual actions matter as well. We all have the responsibility to reduce our own waste and in some countries, this is the silent protest that speaks volume to our government. We all must reduce the demand to reduce the supply.

Process: We Proceed Professionally

The very first engagement with the GreActive scope was targeted for furnishing the existing look and layout of the Corporate websites & Mobile Application. Later, we moved on to restructuring the application portal and building a very high-end custom module for consumers to have privilege in organising the events, Overall, we have completed many dedicated projects till date and each time the simple way ahead is to assess the SCOPE of the new task/project and accordingly settling commercial agreement based on time estimation.

A simpler approach can be termed as Fixed Priced Quotation based execution. Skills required have never been a concern for us, we have a Rich & Dedicated team of Technical Certified Professionals and We have done Rigorous testing for robust Mobile app & Web platform with the help of an experienced TQC team.

Singsys | GreActive

SINGSYS key role was formulated in restructuring the web & mobile application, developing a custom solution for every aspect of the module as per the users choice of interest.


Furthermore, a structured solution in integrating the setup with backend, synchronization with updated Technology based platform and user authentication in mapping loyalty points and their redemption made.

Having said, the core scope involves a robust platform for the services offering to various targeted users and the product offering with localized currency, localized language setup & integration with intuitive Laravel extensions to ease user navigation.

It's been a very remarkable experience for Singsys team to closely liaise with client side different Point-of-Contacts appointed during many projects we have been working on from many Years and a long way ahead.


About the Product (GreActive): The enthralling factor in this portal is the interaction between organisers and members with payment system. Managing the campaigns and events proved to be quite challenging in terms of approvals, payments, and managing the logistic of the events.

In addition, GreActive leverages on data analytics and focused marketing approach to help target organisations increase their reach, visibility, ROI and secure long-term funding with better transparency.


The service we ensured was a successful launch of an idea right from the design phase till the website and mobile application went live and still on-going support thereafter.

Our team of Expert Designers, Developers, Certified Testers and Project Manager ensure timely delivery and launched website & Mobile Application with the help of following services

  • Website & Mobile Application Wireframe Designing
  • Graphic Mockup Designing
  • Laravel Web Application Development
  • Custom Module and Extension Development
  • REST API Construction & Mobile App Web Services
  • Bands Integration & Handling
  • Testing and Quality Check
  • Server Architecture Proposal
  • Post Deployment Maintenance

Like Before PROJECT MANAGER again provided us full support to push our boundaries to deliver the perfect solution.

Few challenges but worth noting them down

Regular brainstorming sessions required for designing the best user navigation and process flow.

  • Dealing with third party vendors and related dependency which create stress in achieving project timeline.
  • Ensuring customer Membership status is flawless along with approval of organisations. Throughout the course of the GreActive Project AWS Extended our full support. The AWS service ensured successful launch of the GreActive Web & Mobile Application with the following services.
    • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud supports GreActive in scalable capacity that allows users to rent virtual machines on which to run their own computer applications.
    • Amazon Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) - Amazon S3 is a service supported us for object storage through a web service interface and offers data availability, security, high tech performance
    • Amazon RDS - Amazon RDS supported us to simplify the setup, operation, and scaling of a relational database for use in applications.
    • Amazon SES - Amazon SES supports GreActive for several email uses, including transactional, marketing, or mass email communications.

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