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Get Rid of Carrying the Physical Card, Say No! To All Physical Cards

Get ready to breath digitally by introducing yourself on DCards; Be appreciated now by being beyond a Digital Brand

  • Get Rid of Carrying the Physical Card, Say No! To All Physical Cards

Digital Business Card & Marketing Page. Create, Organize and share using BioFo

BioFo believes that Earth can be a better place when everyone feels appreciated. Biofo was developed by Singsys for people who are individuals, working professionals and companies in Retails, Food & Beverage, sales agents. BioFo allows all users to create digital business cards and Marketing pages for targeted audiences, startups, businesses and to share it in a readable format to anyone. Because of it’s contactless and borderless features you can share your Digital Card via URLs, QR Code and even NFC cards. 24/7 live support & creating or editing cards by DIY makes BioFo more special & unique to go for. Facebook login makes it easy to access the app without bothering to feed the user information into the app.

If you are not ready to go mobile with your customer and your competitors then you will lose market share. Let’s have a brief look over the features of BioFo:

  • DIY Digital Business Card
  • DIY Digital Marketing Page
  • Share your Business card and Page
  • QR code reader and scanner
  • Managing the contacts within the app
  • Virtual Background


Digital Business Card & Marketing Page. Create, Organize and share using BioFo

Technologies which were used

About BioFo: Keep All your Business Cards In One Place

About BioFo: Keep All your Business Cards In One Place

Having said that, BioFo is a Digital Name Card and Marketing-Page info manager app designed to help you grow your network and business virtually over the globe in just a few clicks.
Be it website or Mobile Apps ( Both Android and iOS), BioFo gives you all the facilities in One App like Page for marketing purposes, NFC cards (or QR code), Digital Business Card, Wish Greetings, Referral-Invitations, and so on.

Relying on one to many systems, BioFo has a mission of making it easy for all of us to be connected to everyone digitally for social comfortability in one click, that’s all…! In other words, the overall basis of BioFo is to create a shareable medium for you & your business to all of your contacts in a Sharing is Caring Manner.

Process: We Proceed Professionally

As per the client’s needs, Singsys prioritized the target to furnishing up the look & feel of the layout according to the latest User Interface & User Experience for both website-mobile app layout design. Basically, the app was planned to be developed by leveraging our expertise in React Native along with Laravel as backend for the sake of less development time, less resource engagement, reusable component, and compatibility with the third-party plugin.
Later, we moved on to restructuring the React Native and building a high-end custom module for consumers to have the privileges of opting for the cardmaking options easily.

A team of dedicated React Native experts was assigned the stated module development. On the other hand, there were daily update meetings with the project client scheduled to discuss the progress and ensure things are aligned and as per the expectations of the client.


The service which we offer at BioFo ensures it with a successful launch of an idea right from the design stage till the final deployment of the project and support thereafter.

  • Graphic Mock up Design
  • Laravel Web application Development
  • Admin Panel for the client
  • AWS Support
  • API Integrations
  • Testing and Quality Check by certified professionals
  • Server Architecture Proposal
  • Post Deployment Support and Maintenance
  • Not to forget, Under the supreme guidance of PROJECT MANAGER, the website was developed within the given time frame.


Work For Home challenges and how we overcome the same

  • The major hassle we faced while WFH was in communication internally and how to motivate team members to keep their spirits high for work. We overpowered this by conducting weekly standup meetings where teams can discuss ideas, accomplishments and plans is a great way to allocate responsibilities in a way to perform better.
  • Collaboration is the biggest challenge that we face. However, collaborating with remote team members became incredibly challenging. We overcame this challenge by maintaining a proper google sheet on tasks that needed to be done and categorized it with Priority (High, Medium, Low) along with the deadline of the task with proper color marking  and this was shared with each team member. Along with this we had a time to time google and zoom meets for better collaboration.
  • We have employees and clients working from different locations and time zones. Finding a common time to schedule routine team meetings or 1:1 meetings becomes an absolute nightmare for everyone. We came to a conclusion and Encourage asynchronous communication for all non-urgent discussions and create guidelines for the same detailing maximum response times so that employees can have smooth conversations despite time zone differences.


Few challenges We faced, but we overcame with our technical expertise.

  • Daily brainstorming sessions were required for designing the best user navigation and process flow as per the client's instructions.
  • Ensuring customer membership status authentication with proper testing was conducted on a frequent basis.
  • Only to make app load time faster, our React Native developers designed a high-end architecture for the sake of fast navigation.
  • Implementation of Facebook login authentication helped it to make user experience hassle-free and thus eliminated additional need for adding the user data manually, as it became easy to be fetched from the user facebook profile.
  • Client concern about testing a particular module was done on time despite minor technical glitches.

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