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Project Methodology

Our stand is quite simple and straightforward like the one already defined in Software Development Life Cycle theory by the leading experts on this earth. We ensure the Software progresses through the thoughtful approach of rigorous planning, pixel clear design, precise documentation, & user focused implementation.

A considerable time is spent on project design & documentation so as to ensure that the software system flow is optimum from an end user perspective and matches our client's expectation right from the very start.

Singsys primary goal is defined by branding client ideas with a bespoke software solution that is interactive and engaging apart from only being functional. We follow a systematic approach which involves key steps of DISCOVER, DESIGN, DEVELOP & DEPLOY, the approach helps in accommodating even the very minute project requirements within the planned execution time-line.

We follow the user-centric methodology for commencing right implementation during the project kick-off till the very LIVE deployment. In parallel the code modules developed are verified via integrated testing and ensured the hiccups are timely addressed.


Kick-off Meeting
  • Define project statement.
  • Establish effective communication channel
  • Define project modules
  • Assign modules deadline


Discovery Presentation
  • Comply on initial plan details
  • Re-analyze discover phase plan outline
  • Determine testing plans


Design Presentation
  • Initiate module-wise development
  • Address issues with resolution and further recommendation
  • Approve detail plan


Review Deliverable
  • Check for test environment set up and test application process
  • Consolidate incidental repair and reporting procedures
  • Showcase deliverables

Discovery, Design, Development & Deployment

With an intention to improve the project focus, produce bigger and better opportunities and enhance efficiency to meet real-time challenges, Singsys follow the process of accurate segmentation of complex projects into easily deployable phases.

Various key activities carried out along with key deliverables for important stages is described as following:

Singsys | Discovery


We kick start the Discover phase with an official visit to a concerned organization and exchange our vision and values, also get familiar with work-flow, process methodology and gather client's requirements to assess and submit a report on behalf of the visit. This report has following elements:

  • Project scope analysis & documentation
  • Business level requirements
  • Technical level requirements
  • Stakeholder groups involved
  • Gap Review and Recommendation
  • Project work-flow with break-up and delivery points
  • Estimated project Time-line
Singsys | Design


Singsys design process is divided into various key tasks:

  • Establish user interface guidelines & code guidelines
  • System designing
  • Data modeling
  • Create Test Plans for modular & integrated application testing

Design mock-ups are consigned to development only after approval from the respective stakeholders on the design mock-up along with the most recent project plan.

Singsys | Development


Development phase comprises mainly coding and architecture development of application in a manner that it can be deployed on an incremental basis particularly named as "Project Modules or Milestones". Multilayer testing methodology is performed while application is being developed.

For all integrated modules, Quality Assurance team perform entire test suites which is further reviewed by stakeholders regarding important parameters of efficiency and ease of use. Deliverables acceptance by stakeholders marks the successful completion of this stage.

Singsys | Deployment


Depending upon size or complexity of the project, the application architecture deployment phase can vary. This phase also takes into account of the data that needs to be converted.

Eventually, Final integration testing and Quality Assessment is done under expertise of our ISTQB Certified professionals with the involvement of stakeholders. This phase thus ensures that business process are carried out swiftly and if required a backup plan is prepared to be deployed.