We leverage the ORM and MVC design patterns of CakePHP for quick development of large scale application that are cost friendly.

Singsys offer CakePHP based development services for engaging and flexible business boosting solutions

CakePHP comes into existence for making coding efficient, secure and simple than before. CakePHP has role based authorization controls. It removes the need to create JS form validation sanitation and validation at model level. 

It is totally capable of building Restful APIs. It is easy to build SQL queries for fetching results over  Server Side as CakePHP is built on Object Relation model. It also provides smooth control and easy integration of external authorisation components. It allows developer to work  from any web site directory  with minimum possible Apache configuration involved. Singsys bring you a wide range of solution in CakePHP. We make a memorable work experience which will be hard to forget.

Our CakePHP Development Highlights-

  • User Values Centric Design
  • Futuristic Development
  • Error Free Assurance
  • Timely App Store Deployment-
  • Reasonable Price structure 

uParcel is a technological advanced mobile app and web platform offering consumers an ease to book parcel delivery booking service within seconds and ensures the delivery been made by a secured and trusted delivery agent. 

A platform which offers users to book a parcel delivery from destination A to destination B using CONSUMER APP and on other end allowing delivery agents to accept the parcel delivery request at a pre-defined rate and deliver it to the recipient using DELIVERY APP. A platform that allows consumers to track the current location of their parcel out for delivery and keep them notified of the parcel current status. Also, enabling receiver end to confirm the parcel received by digitally signing on the agent app itself.

An optimum utilization of MAP services, app notifications, location tracking, secure payment gateway, digital signature, review, rating & a very well structured CMS system for ADMIN are some highlights of these project.

Magento based e-commerce portals provisioning online product selling for Olympus Singapore, Olympus Malaysia...


Magento based e-commerce portals provisioning online product selling for Olympus Singapore, Olympus Malaysia & Olympus Thailand including Cameras, Lenses, Binoculars, Audio equipment and related accessories.


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