iOS is one of the most used operating systems. Learn every step in iOS App Development with iOS development tutorial, from creating to submitting to app store.

iOS Application Development Training

A great opportunity to learn directly from industry experts and create your dream iPhone app. This training will give you basic to pro level understanding within a short span with more than 7 years of experience behind it.

You Will Learn How To

  • Develop iOS App from scratch.
  • Consume Web-Services in your application.
  • Integrate Socket.IO library with your application.
  • Use Remote Push Notifications in your application
  • Use location services in your application
  • Integrate Google Map in your application
  • How to publish your application on app store.

Course Outline

  • Xcode Overview.
  • Setup your iOS app with Xcode.
  • Build iOS app from scratch with Xcode.
  • Views and ViewControllers
  • Navigation Controllers
  • Buttons, Labels and TextFields
  • ScrollView, TableView etc.
  • Communicating with web server through web-services over HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Handling REST APIs.
  • Integrating Socket.IO to exchange message with server.
  • Working of client-server communication with Socket.IO
  • Setup Google SDK for your application.
  • Integrate Google map in your application.
  • Create and Manage your Development and Production certificates.
  • App listing in iTunes Connect.
  • App submission via Xcode on iTunes.