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With increasing number of web users using mobile devices to access Internet, the vital role mobile websites play in establishing and sustaining a brand has been reinforced. According to eMarketer, the number of smartphone users is estimated to surpass 2 billion in 2016.

Statistics on mobile device adoption around the world is throwing up mind-bogglingly impressive numbers. Increased mobile use combined with mobile digital media consumption time growing significantly higher at a rate of 51% compared to desktops at 42%, have made it imperative for businesses to invest in a well-designed, functionally superior, and effective mobile website.

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Unless you have managed to craft an imposing mobile web presence, chances are high that you are losing out on a vast mobile customer-base. A mobile responsive website actually combines the best of both worlds – mobility and functionality of the mobile device with the convenience and versatility of web browsing. A mobile website, offering a device optimized views of the website, is designed for superior user experience which is suitable for multiple mobile platforms.
Such websites are specifically designed to provide an optimal navigation and viewing experience on mobile devices and address a rapidly growing demographic of upwardly mobile potential buyers who prefer to explore, engage, and interact on the mobile platform.

To have the biggest impact, it is vital to understand what are your options regarding a mobile website as they perform a unique job as mobile users interact differently on a mobile device compared to a traditional browser.
Mobile websites can either be a responsive website, dynamic serving, or an entirely separate individual HTML website. A responsive mobile site follows the identical CSS and HTML as your regular browser ready website while being rendered compatible with multiple devices irrespective of the screen size, platform, and orientation. A dynamic serving website employs a setup with the server responding to the same URL with different HTML and CSS depending on the particular user agent requesting the pages. The final option is making separate HTML website that in, in fact, a modified version of your website that is exclusively designed for mobile and tablet users.

Mobile optimized websites offer distinct advantages to a business:

  • Enhanced User Experience

    – Most of us have the experience of being unceremoniously presented with a cluttered pile of unorganized content and images, when tried to open a website on our mobiles. However, if this is the condition of web representation on mobile devices, it will only discourage your visitors to explore more of your business. Instead of letting them leave uninspired, a mobile optimized site provides that indispensable experience of quality navigation and accessibility to different sections of the website with any effort.
  • Increased Average Time Spent on Site

    – Businesses have a very limited time to capture the attention of website visitors, more so the case with handheld mobile devices. Easy navigation across the pages with mobile friendly succinct and useful content augments the chances of converting your visitors into customers.
  • Faster Loading Speed

    – Limited time calls for faster speed. A normal website which is not mobile optimized renders quite slowly on mobile devices or in some worst-case scenario, it might not even load at all. A mobile friendly site loads quicker as the code is designed and structured purposely to be compatible with mobile devices.
  • Enriched Mobile SEO

    – Google, undeniably the decision-maker when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules, it is recommended that webmasters build either a responsive website or a separate HTML site to rank higher on mobile search results.
  • Competitive Advantage

    A brilliantly and effectively designed mobile website will help you break the competition clutter and stay ahead of the game.

We offer cutting-edge and customized solutions that are designed to meet your business and marketing goals. Understanding the inherent requirements to succeed in an increasingly competitive world of mobile branding, we create original and clutter-breaking ideas and implement them in developing edgy and effective mobile websites.

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