Now Visually Impaired Can Also Access Twitter Accounts


Twitter which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. On that day, they announced a specific features of twitter for visually impaired. This interface just made friendlier to blind and those who are vision impairment. Not all developers and tech services consider the visually impaired when rolling out their latest designs and updates, so it’s refreshing when one finally does.


Twitter Network Down Globally After Technical Fault

Twitter Down


Social network Site Twitter is offline for users, with web comer being greeted by an error page while company saying it is working on resolution.


Some mobile users are also unable to tweets to the network, which has over 300 million active members. Twitter chose to communicate the problem via a tweet, in which the company said it was apprised of the problem. Trying to access the network over the web just returns the standard “something is technically wrong” error screen, and the service is also suffering outages on apps and software like TweetDeck. So far the world doesn’t seem to have ended because of the outage, but without Twitter working, who would know if it had? (Source by Theverge)

Twitter officially introduces the Mute Button

Twitter officially introduces the Mute ButtonToday twitter introduces the new feature of mute button for its iPhone and android apps and its twitter website. The mute button in twitter will allow its users to mute the specific people from their timeline.



Twitter is Testing Profile Re-design similar to Facebook and Google+



Twitter is testing the major re-design of profile which looks like the combination of Facebook, Google plus and Pinterest.


Google Patent Will Let Software Bots Do Socializing for you

Are you too lazy to socialize ? Allow Google to do it for you. Google may be planning to let its software or automated bots do your socializing for you.