Right Approach to interact Objective-C Classes in CocoaScript

Right Approach to interact Objective-C Classes in CocoaScript-Singsys

In this post we will learn the basics of how to use CocoaSpirit for interacting with Objective-C. Let us consider the following example.


Example of Objective-C class

@interface Object1 : NSObject
@property id value1;
@property NSArray *array1;
- (void)selector1;
- (void)selector2:(id)arg1 withArg2:(id)arg2;


Beautiful Video Background View Using UIWebView(Objective-C & Swift 3.0)

UI Web view video  background

In order to create beautiful Background View Using UIWebView in Objective-C & Swift 3.0

Do Pre-work: Processing the Video

Prepare a video that you desire to play as background. There are hundreds of software and web applications that help in converting video to GIF file and also crop them into the iPhone screen size for best result. This guide tell in detail  how to do that and more resources are available online. Here I will use software GIF Brewery.


Advantages of Choosing Swift over Objective – C for iOS developers



Swift has the potential to become the preferred programming language for iOS application development that are immersive and responsive applications for years to come. Swift bought a bunch of advantages with it the most prominent one like increased type safety, better memory management and multiple return values. These features ensure developers need not spend as long coding. Another interesting feature is its interoperability with existing Objective-C code.


Convert the PDF into images in objective C

Convert the PDF into images in objective C

Here is the function, which will convert the PDF into images. Add the following lines of code.