Right Approach to interact Objective-C Classes in CocoaScript

Right Approach to interact Objective-C Classes in CocoaScript-Singsys

In this post we will learn the basics of how to use CocoaSpirit for interacting with Objective-C. Let us consider the following example.


Example of Objective-C class

@interface Object1 : NSObject
@property id value1;
@property NSArray *array1;
- (void)selector1;
- (void)selector2:(id)arg1 withArg2:(id)arg2;


Basics to Fix WordPress Security Loopholes

Wordpress Securitytips

WordPress is currently most popular content management system that powers a whopping 75 million websites. This means every 1 in 5 website is based on WordPress. Statistics by recent survey revealed that as much as 73% of these websites are vulnerable to attack. If you aren’t running the updated WordPress Version that you are inviting multiple bugs that will be used by hackers as a platform to compromise your website security.


How much does an app cost

Mobile Application Cost


A notorious question or unconventional equation
Something We have to deal almost every day is: “What amount will an App cost me?” Won’t it be vague to have a fixed answer for this question as multiple factors and their different combinations are responsible to narrow down an appropriate answer.

Common HTML mistakes to be Avoided Always

Common HTML Mistakes

Even after years of HTML experience there are moments when we see unnecessary complications especially while writing web applications. This extra complexity results from habit of opting for complex markup and JavaScript to bring the effect of same standard


React is at Front of Front End Development Know why?

React Library

React a JavaScript library for building User Interfaces has seen very sharp rise in past 5 years higher than its any other competitor or even few combined, ever wondered what made it so popular so fast and so much.


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